Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Labor Day Weekend Games

This year for Labor Day Weekend we barely left our house.  We spent our time on various games throughout the weekend.  On Saturday we watched FOOTBALL GAMES!  It was the first week of college football and we celebrated a win by the Aggies!  Cooper and Penny played indoor games of their own creation...
Who needs a play kitchen when you can play with the box it came in?
Of course, we engaged in POOL GAMES!  Cooper has started using a big beach ball to jump into the pool with and see if he can stay on and Penny made up her own game...we called it the Penny-barge.  This consists of loading up a kick-board with toys and pushing it back and forth across the pool.  She did this for almost the entire time we were in the pool.
The Penny-barge is full steam ahead!
Another of Cooper's games...shooting things he shouldn't (i.e. Mama, Penny, Brewster) with a water gun and getting in trouble for it.
Cooper had two little Garfield figurines by his side all weekend.  He called them "the tigers."  Here he is trying to make them fit in a toy boat so they can cruise the pool.
Lastly, we played some CRAB GAMES. The little blue crab has been hanging around our house for weeks. On Monday morning, he found himself at the bottom of the pool (Luckily we have a salt water pool!) and he needed saving.  Daddy had fun netting the poor thing and tromping him back down to the bay where he belongs.
Penny (our little fairy) is intrigued by the crab.  Cooper is a little bit concerned.
Making sure Daddy does a good job of releasing the crab back in the bay.

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