Monday, May 13, 2013

Ranching On Mother's Day

This year for Mother's Day weekend we were privileged to be invited to our friends' hill country ranch near Junction, Texas.  I couldn't think of a better way to celebrate being a mom than by having fun and enjoying nature with my family and our friends.  More than once, Penny exclaimed, "There are TWO Mamas here!" After driving five hours through rain and hail on Friday, we arrived to quickly put kids to bed so we would be fresh for the next day's adventure.  We got two ATV powered ranch tours, played everywhere we could, and saw lots of wildlife.  Of course, the weekend just wasn't long enough!  

Mom and Coop sit atop the pila (big water tank) while Daddy climbs the windmill.
Boys in a tree!
Penny preferred to keep her two feet on the ground.
She chose instead to inspect the local flora.
Cooper had trouble falling asleep for his nap...
So I got to be "fun Mom" and let him get up for a piece of cake.
Brewster enjoyed his nature walk with Mom while kids napped.
Some of the local fauna we saw included birds, deer, rabbits, wild turkeys, a fox, a mouse, and a porcupine.  I had never seen a porcupine outside a zoo before, so that made my day.
The kids were fascinated by the baby mouse we accidentally uncovered.
This rabbit just went right on with his business and let me take a picture!  
Ancient fauna.  Mom got to feed her inner rock-nerd by doing a  little fossil hunting in the caliche pit.  She found many imprints and a big oyster shell.

Cooper LOVED the old truck on the property.  So much so that he had to be reminded a few times to let the other kids "drive."
Back at school on Monday, Cooper told his teacher that he went to a ranch.  She asked him what he saw and he said, "A dirty truck."  FUNNY what they place importance on!

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