Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Crawfish Weekend

Over the weekend we went to Houston to visit some friends we hadn't seen in awhile.  The adults had a great time catching up while getting ready for our friends' annual crawfish boil. Cooper and Penny had kids just their ages to play with and lots of  the other kids' toys to enjoy.  Naturally, Cooper spent a lot of time playing with trains.  He got to experience his first "sleepover", as in, we let the two boys sleep in the same room on the first night.  We were surprised that we didn't hear even one peep out of them after we put them to bed.  

Poor Penny started running fever on Friday night and was sick all weekend!  I wish she had felt better, so she could have enjoyed the bounce house and the party on Sunday a little more.  Despite how she felt, she really seemed to try and rally for the party.  We got home late on Sunday night totally exhausted but it was worth it!  

Cooper, at the top of the bounce house ready to do his death-defying jump.
Cooper wasn't really sure what to think of the "crawling fish" at first.
A little braver...

He did it!

Penny contemplates the boil.
Other kids' toys are so enthralling!
Penny tries to have a good time, despite being under the weather.

Thanks again Paul and Marcia!  It was great to see you guys!

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