Friday, April 19, 2013

Trike-A-Thon At School

 Every spring the preschool the kids attend has participated in the St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital Trike-A-Thon.  Cooper loves this because he gets to bring his tricycle to school. (How cool is that??)  This was Penny's first year to participate; as in, this is the first year she was old enough!  I don't think she was very sure of what to make of the whole thing, but she seemed very proud to have her trike and new pink helmet at school.  A cold front blew in yesterday, so it was unseasonably chilly for the event.  Luckily Penny's class did their ride inside and Mama only had to stand outside shivering to watch one kid ride instead of two.
Penny rounds the circle during the Trike-A-Thon.
After her class's turn was over, Penny takes a rest with her classmates.  She was NOT happy when I left.  She thought since I came back to school it was to take her home.  

After the little kids' race, the bigger kids lined up for their ride around the school parking lot.
Go Cooper Go!  Cooper made 21 laps around...the second most in his class.  More importantly, he had a blast and it was for a good cause!

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