Monday, April 15, 2013

If Only Every Day Could Be a...

Train Day!
Cooper and Penny wait for the train at Brackenridge Park.
Cooper is excited to ride the train with Pa-Pa, Ma-Mas, and Uncle Clint.
Penny was a little under the weather and sat with Mama and Daddy.

Zoo Day!
Coop and Uncle Clint scope out the animals.
Cooper contemplates the giant hippo.
Penny relaxes with popcorn in the overpriced (yet worth every cent) stroller rental.
Family Day!
We had a fun weekend staying at the lake, going to the zoo with family, and seeing our cousins at a family party.  Uncle Clint stayed with us at the lake on Saturday night, and Ma-mas and Pa-Pa came by for a visit on Sunday morning.  It was hard to end the weekend and go home!
Ma-mas and the kids look for good skippin' rocks the next morning at the lake. 

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