Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Sometimes, We are just Down in the Trenches

Where have we been since Valentine's Day?

Thankfully our usual haunts aren't getting old...
 Winter doesn't equal happiness in this house.  Even though we live South enough not to have to endure constant cold, snow, ice, or dangerous roads, the weather is still not conducive to being outside.  Chicago, the windy city, has nothing on our little corner of the world.  Yesterday a 50 mph+ winded dust storm raged ALL DAY.  Everyone's noses and throats are bothering them.  Kids are uncomfortable and edgy, parents are uncomfortable and edgy.   And bored.  Bad weather means no going outside.  Bad weather means cabin fever.  Bad weather means watching Toy Story Every. Single. Evening as a way to burn up the seemingly extra long expanse of time between dinner and bedtime.

The dog has learned a new trick...dunking himself in the water dish and running through the dirt when we let him out.  We can no longer just "let the dog in."  We have to wrestle him to the sink, rinse off  his paws, then dry them.  Every. Single. Time we let him in.

We are in the process of making a bedroom switch.  Cooper is moving to the guestroom, Penny is moving to  Cooper's old room, and Penny's itty bitty room is going to be my sewing and craft room.  (Yay!)  And yes, we are still working steadily at the lake house.  I can only hope that this last big push to paint things is a room-painting career closer.

So, yes, sometimes we are down in the trenches and waiting impatiently for Spring and the things that mean Spring. (Better weather, outdoor activities, no allergies, a disciplined dog, and an end to indoor home projects.)   In winter, we are down in the trenches.  But come Spring, we will be out in the open and back to ourselves.

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