Friday, February 1, 2013

Settling In

We thought a puppy just might enrich our lives.  We were right.  We couldn't be more thrilled with how taken both Cooper and Penny are with Brewster the Dog.  Both of them enjoy playing with him.  Cooper thinks Brewster fetching his toy, growling in play, barking, chasing his tail and being in crazy dog mode (running in circles for no obvious reason other than to just run) is the most hilarious thing he has ever seen.  While caring for and training a puppy takes time and patience (a lot like kids!), we are reaping the benefits enormously.  Cooper, once very afraid of dogs, has relaxed quite a bit around them.  Penny was very territorial towards Brewster at first, but now seems to accept him.  (For those that know Penny, this is HUGE!  She does not offer her regard to just anyone.)  David and I get to hear even more readily our favorite sound in the world...Cooper or Penny laughing when something is REALLY funny.  We have become a wild dog-and-monkey (kid) show at our house, but it seems to fit us well.  And I think Brewster likes it here too. 
 He fits right in:
Confidence is key...
Regular nap time?  No problem!
Except he could use his own chair...
Other dogs?  Bonus!
Kids to chase, er, play with?  Double Bonus!

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