Monday, June 11, 2012

Where We'll Be This Summer...Revisited

Over a month ago I blogged about taking a tour of good places to take kids in South Texas.  While this week's adventure is hardly a new one to us, it still qualifies for us as a good place to take kids.  My criteria was that it be easy, cheap, and fun, and our local library meets all of these requirements.   This is an easy activity because the library is only minutes from our house.  The library is free to all (unless you are late returning your books), and the kids enjoy it.  Our library also has a playground next door, which the kids love because it is not the same playground near our house.  So, number two on our South Texas kid activity  tour is the library! Check it out!  (Pun intended.)
The library playground has gravel...just about  EVERY kid I know loves to play with gravel!
Penny peruses the shelves.
Cooper plays with the activity block in the Children's area.


Caryn Caldwell said...

We LOVE our local library! In fact, we just went last evening. I think it's fun for the kids to play with other kids they might not see at their usual haunts. Plus lots of libraries have great story hours. Though I'm jealous that yours has a play ground attached. It looks like a lot of fun!

Leslie said...

Yes, our library has story hour also, though my little ones aren't the best about sitting still for it. We usually try to make it for the last half, then they each get to choose a few books to check out.