Friday, June 22, 2012

The Big Girl Project

Almost exactly two years ago, we were in the middle of two projects.  We were transitioning not-yet-two-year-old Cooper into a "big boy" bed AND trying to prepare a nursery for soon-to-arrive Penny.  He was a little young, compared to his peers, to be moving out of the crib so soon.  But we needed his crib for Penny on the way and he had never been what we would call a "good" sleeper anyway, so into the big-boy bed he went.  We went through about a week of him waking up frequently in the night, but after the transition period, he slept like a champ. Whew! 

Now, two years later, we are undergoing a similar change!  Penny is ready for a big girl bed!  Her room is also going to transition fully from a nursery to a little girl's room!  I had been itching for a good DIY project, and now I have the perfect one!  We want to keep many elements of the room the same, such as the overall garden theme, the tree that Nonnie painted on the wall and the beautiful curtains Nonnie sewed.  We just want to make the room a little bit (but not too much) more grown up.  This is very much a work in progress, as growing up tends to be, but this is where we are now:

Penny's room, still with crib, changing table, and glider....a nursery turned toddler room with the addition of TOYS.
Setting up her new, big-girl bed.
I think she likes it!
I think they BOTH like it!  (This could be somewhat of a problem...)
The result?  She had no trouble falling asleep initially, which was spectacular considering our bed time routine changed slightly, as in, no more rocking in the glider before bed (it didn't fit in the room with the new bed). She only woke up once in the night very briefly and slept until her normal wake up time the next morning.  Now she is peacefully taking her first official nap in the big-girl bed.  Success! Phase one of the Big-Girl Project is complete! Soon, but not until she is ready, will we move into Phase Two:  ditching the changing table for a dresser and mirror. This will signify two things...One, she won't be in diapers anymore and won't need a changing table, and two, we have gotten around to re-doing that old dresser in the guest room...

As I said...A work in progress.

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