Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Swim Season Has Begun!

Cooper started asking to swim several weeks back, but of course it just wasn't quite warm enough.  On Saturday, however, we felt the weather was nice enough and the pool temperature up enough to make it the first official swim day of the year.  Poor Cooper was down for a nap during the window of appropriate swim weather, but Penny (who had napped earlier in the day) got to test the water!  She squealed with delight and kept trying to wriggle out of our arms, as if she could swim by herself.  On Sunday Coop got his chance to swim because we went to a friends' house who has a heated pool.  Both kids had a blast but this first swim weekend pointed out two things: we need to buy a new float suit for Penny (the one we have keeps riding up into her face) and enroll both kids in swim lessons. Nothing needs to stand in the way of these two water babies!

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