Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter at the Ranch

We were excited this year to spend Easter at the Graham Ranch because Great-Grandma Graham and all six of the Graham great-grand kids were there!  Cooper and Penny had immeasurable fun playing with their cousins in the morning, while waiting for everyone to assemble.  Once the last two great-grand babies arrived, it was time for the egg hunt.  Soon the kids' baskets were overflowing, and pictures had been taken, so the kids continued their fun with a pinata and the slip-n-slide.
"You been ranchin' long?"
Egg hunt! 
Taking a candy break after the slip-n-slide.
It was really special that Great-Grandma Graham got to be with all six of her great-grandchildren (and some of her children and grandchildren.)
It wasn't all about the kids!  The older generations had fun too! Great-Grandma stayed true to form by yelling "YAHOO!" while on her joy ride.
We relaxed on the porch through the evening as everyone went on their way.  The next morning, Cooper and Penny slept in a little (yea!) and woke up to filled Easter baskets.  Cooper's basket contained "the Dieselworks", which is a Thomas the Train set he has been wanting for months.  He ignored everything else in the basket, he was so thrilled by it.  Penny's basket was full of various ducks, as that is her absolute favorite thing in the world right now.  We stayed through the afternoon, enjoying the company of Ma-mas, Pa-Pa, Uncle Clint, and Aunt Peggy and Uncle Eric.  Such a fabulous Easter weekend!

The Easter Bunny found us at the Ranch!
Cascarones on Easter morning.
Penny, summing up the weekend...

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