Monday, January 30, 2012

A Mama's Toolbox

Every day I pull from what I am beginning to think of as my mama toolbox.  What I am calling a mama toolbox is simply the collection of things mothers (well, dads too!) use to navigate through parenthood.  I realized there are countless objects, ideas, pieces of advice, and resources I use on a daily basis to help us get through the day and/or any particularly difficult phase in our life.  Some tools, like advice from my mom, I've had stored for years, even before I had kids.  Other tools pop up on the in, sometimes I make this stuff up as I go. (Like this blog, for example...having a space to express my thoughts helps keep my ol' mama head on straight.)  I think from now on I am going to throw in a post here and there about a tool I've used, especially if it makes me look like an innovative, got-it-together mom!

A tool I used recently...the POWER OF SUGGESTION...

Lately Coop thinks pajamas make him look like a prince.  And he wants to be a prince at school.  That's cute and all but the tantrum that ensued when it was time to get dressed for the day was getting old...So after several days in a row of fighting with him (I'm a quick learner), I suggested he be a cowboy instead so he'd quit fighting me, get some clothes on, and GET IN THE CAR SO WE CAN GET TO SCHOOL ON TIME! Then I insisted we take a picture in order to drive the point home...Cowboys at school are COOLER than Princes.

What do you have in your mama toolbox?

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