Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Celebrating the New Year at the Ranch

Our friends Becky and Ryan and Leighton and Jenny and kids all trekked up to the Graham Ranch to celebrate the new year with us.  It is hard to tell who had more fun...the kids or adults!  Cooper and Penny had a blast showing their new friends how to go ranchin', which included digging in the big dirt pile, swinging on the tire swing,  feeding the fish, calling to the cows (yes, cows...a neighbor's fence must be in need of repair.), and generally just taking advantage of the wide open spaces and gorgeous weather by running around EVERYWHERE!  The adults amused themselves by smoking some bar-b-q, shooting clays, relaxing, sitting around the fire pit, playing giant jenga, and of course ringing in the new year  with a bang, once all the little ones dropped from exhaustion.  We couldn't ask for a better way to start the new year...All the kids were good and played well together, and the adults were able to relax and create some hilarious moments we will remember for a long time.  

Ma-Mas and Pa-Pa were at the ranch for a little bit when we first arrived.  
Cooper, Penny, and new friend Raeleigh played in the dirt for hours!
Just having toooo much fun!

Cooper kept giving me a rock and saying , "A surprise for  Mama!"
Penny, MJ, and Cooper playing "Cornhole".
MJ, Cooper, Leighton, and Penny call to the cows.  

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