Sunday, December 4, 2011

A Walk in the Park

Generally speaking the weather in South Texas is, humid, and in the spring, irritatingly windy.  We are prone to droughts but sit in the middle of a big red target for scary tropical weather.  Relief ensues with the cool fronts we receive in the fall, though the pleasantness quickly reverts back to warm and sticky in between them.  Lately I have been aware of one perk to the climate we endure here.  In the winter, we have bouts of cold but they never last more than a few days.  I feel for those that live in the north, where once winter begins, it goes on and on and on.  We have had to bundle up a few days before venturing outside, but it has alternated with nice, warm days where we donned flip-flops and shorts and could enjoy the outdoors.  Here are a few pictures from one particularly pleasant Sunday at the park.

Penny loves to swing!
Penny loves to do anything her brother is doing!
Case in point...

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