Monday, December 12, 2011

The Holiday Season is in Full Swing!

The last week has been COLD and has left us little to do but get ready for Christmas.  We have spent quite a bit of time indoors, visited Santa and attended a family Christmas party at the Ranch.  Cooper is getting really excited for Christmas and keeps asking us where his toys are...We keep reminding him that not only does he have to wait until Christmas, but he has to be good!

Shots from our recent activities:

Why play-doh is an indoor activity I will never know.  When I asked  Cooper what happened, he replied, "The engines are hauling the play-doh, Momma!" (like, duh!)
A visit with Santa!  Not everyone was happy about it...
Little peppermint face after her harrowing ordeal with Santa...
It was COLD and rainy at the ranch but we had fun anyway! 

Coop takes his digging job VERY seriously.

Cooper and Owen: partners in crime!

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