Friday, October 21, 2011

Cooper-ese and Penny-speak

We talk all the time about the cute things our kids say now and about the cute things they used to say.  It occurs to us on a daily basis that there are things we have forgotten, so I thought I would take a minute to jot down some excerpts from our current conversations with Coop and Penny.


"gook" (rhymes with look people!) = book
"ma-mote" = remote control
"ker-ker" = cracker/cookie/snack
"go-gur" = yogurt
"uh, uh, uh!" = I want that!
"wo, wo, wo" = Row, Row, Row (your boat!)


"I can't got it!" = I need help!
"That's not the thing!" = You are irritating me.
"I need cake, it's an emergency!" = I am HUNGRY and I want a granola bar!
"Daddy, where's the big shirt?" = Dad, put on your robe so we can go downstairs and start the day!
"Bust my buffers!" = Oh my! (the expression comes from Thomas the Train, but he has always used it in perfect context)
"Give me a hug." = Self explanatory, but he says it just so sweetly!
"I want the orange one" = Fill in the blank with a color and he uses this phrase to ask for something he doesn't know the word for.

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