Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Stats are In

Penny had her one year checkup this week with the pediatrician.  She is 21 pounds (50th percentile) and 30.5 inches long (90th percentile!).  The doctor was pleased with her growth both physically and cognitively, calling her "opinionated" when she cried throughout the checkup. (It is nearing lunch and nap time and Penny was soooo over the doctor's office.) Penny received four shots and got a clean bill of health.  We are both glad that's over!

Also, Penny has chosen "hi" as her current favorite word.  While she has been waving for a while now, she has recently added saying "hi" with a big, open-mouthed grin to that wave.  Penny also loves songs!  Every time I lay her down on the changing table now, she starts singing (saying), " Wo, Wo, Wo!" which I have taken to mean "Row, Row, Row" as in Row, Row, Row Your Boat, which is one of  my typical distraction songs whilst I change her.  When we start singing the ABC song, Penny starts clapping along, again, with that patented open-mouthed grin of hers.  We love that is especially cute when she starts smiling at her brother.  When he notices her smiling at him, he starts purposely trying to make her laugh, which is hilarious.  Or Coop will start running off, and Penny goes running (YES, running) after him with her mouth wide open in that sweet grin.

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