Friday, September 30, 2011

Beginning to Feel the Thrill of Early Fall

Gig 'Em Aggies!
Lately we have been enjoying the slight, shy onset of Fall.  This is my absolute favorite time of year!  I revel in those first few cool fronts, football, and of course, our family's birthday season.  Though we still hide out inside during the day to avoid the heat, we have been able to enjoy many cool evenings in our own backyard.  David and I sit and enjoy the view of Nueces Bay (or I sit while he waters the yard...go away drought!) while the kids eat popsicles, dig in the sand box and climb around on the playhouse.  Cooper's current favorite backyard activity involves two-fisting dirt from under the deck to the playhouse, where he then spreads it around.  Penny thinks this is hilarious, so her favorite activity involves following Cooper around and seeing what funny thing he is going to do next.


Down in the Dirt.
 We have taken the idea that Fall means change to heart by hitting a new wave of home improvement.  The noisiest and most obvious change is the new metal roof being constructed on our house as I type.  We have also been updating our master bathroom and kitchen with paint and new hardware and fixtures.  David is also in the process of building a fence in the front yard so the kids have a shady place to play during the day.  Once those projects are complete, I suppose we will paint the breakfast room and clean out and organize the garage.  (During roof construction, our garage ceiling inadvertently collapsed, blanketing EVERYTHING with insulation and dust.)  I suppose once some projects fall into the "completed" category, I can post some before and after pictures.
The dogs have been enjoying some indoor time, while our roof is under construction.

Happy Fall, everyone!  I'll try to keep the blog posts rolling through birthdays, Aggie Football, Halloween, and of course the holidays!

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