Thursday, January 27, 2011

5 months old!

Today Penny is 5 months old!  My how time flies!  We didn't have a well-baby checkup with the doctor this month, but we did want to know how she measures up in size compared to her brother, so we weighed and measured her at home. Penny is a solid 16 and half pounds and is 26 inches long...Cooper was 16 pounds and 26 and half inches long.  I can attribute this to her very healthy eating habits! New this month:  Penny is trying hard to scoot across the floor!  She seems to get frustrated that she can't get very far and David spied her up on all fours once.  Penny can now sit up supported in the high chair.  Though we haven't started rice cereal just yet (the doctor told me not to rush it), we will be very soon. She is on a solid 4 hour feed schedule, which is a nice relief from the 3 hour feed schedule.  She can also sleep through the night, though she doesn't do it every night.  I am not complaining!  I think she is doing great for a 5 month old!  Go Penny!

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