Tuesday, September 28, 2010

What a Difference a Month Can Make!

In the last month, several significant changes have taken place.  We have established a loose routine in Penny's world.  Cooper has accepted his baby sister and is showing a lot of interest in her.  We as parents have fallen into the "comfortable" category raising two kids.  To prove it, we have taken two road trips in the last two weekends.  I'll try and recap the last few weeks...hope I don't lose anyone!

Firstly, Miss Penny's routine:  Eat, Poop, Look around, Sleep, Repeat.  The significant part of this routine is the timing.  Penny only wakes up once through the night, and sleeps to a decent hour in the morning.  We start our day around 6 a.m. and she is asleep at night by around 9:30 p.m.  So nice and so different than Cooper's start at life. (That baby ate every hour and a half and NEVER slept.) Also, just in the last week or so, Penny has started focusing better on our faces and is crossing her eyes less.  She has also discovered the ceiling fan and loves staring at it.

Penny's first bath...she hated being naked, until we put her in the water:

Next, Cooper, thankfully, has accepted Penny into our lives.  When she is in her baby swing and starts to cry, he runs over to turn on the music.  He is also constantly asking to give her kisses and hold her. He also loves to point out that she has a head, hands, feet, etc. I think he is going to be a great big brother!

Cooper and Penny, when she was less than a day old.  He wasn't so sure...

Cooper and Penny, at one month old.  A little more sure...

And finally, our last two weekends away from home consisted of a family reunion in Fredericksburg and a jaunt to Houston to visit Nonnie, Aunt Amanda and cousins!  In Fredericksburg, we discovered the difficulty of having two young kids sleep in a motel room...they woke each other up!  Houston was a little easier, since we stayed at Nonnie's house, but any time you take little kids out of their usual routine, things can get a little hairy.  Overall, though, we enjoyed our time away from home.  (I personally hadn't been out of town since June, and before that, Februrary!)

At Lady Bird Johnson Park in Fredericksburg:

In Houston, Cooper scored some new Thomas the Train stuff,  and Penny got some bibs to wear for each of the upcoming holidays...all compliments of Nonnie, of course.  Penny kept to her usual eat/sleep routine, but Cooper mixed it up a little. He woke up at 2 a.m. on Sunday morning, ready to play!  We didn't get him back down until 5 a.m.!  I think all the excitement and fun he was having playing with his cousins kept him from eating much through the day, therefore waking him up at such a cruel hour!  Thank goodness for Mom and Dad that Nonnie always keeps the coffee flowing. 

Coop, enjoying his new train set, cousins Brycen, Brianna, and Brayden, and the fact that t.u. lost to an unranked team, at home!  (Zoom in on the television in the background...WHOOP!)

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