Saturday, September 4, 2010

Our First Week Home

We spent the week adjusting to life as a family of four.  Penny so far is an excellent eater and sleeper, which is making the transition easier.  We almost don't know what to do with such an easy baby.  She barely even cries!  

Penny, at one week old:

Meanwhile, Cooper had his first day of school in the two year old class.  He seems to like it, as in, he doesn't even notice when I leave him there.  He also seems to be adjusting very well to being a big brother.  He lets us know when Penny cries, and when I sat down to nurse her the other day, he even brought me a pillow.  

Cooper, on his first day of school:

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Rachel Lovett said...

Leslie, your kids are incredibly adorable....makes me want some just like em! Penny's room looks amazing. I either didn't know (less likely) or forgot (more likely) that you had a blog....I look forward to following along =)