Friday, October 16, 2009

What we have been up to...

I know I haven't posted since the momentous occasion of Cooper's first birthday...we have been busy! We are still officially in what I call our "birthday season." We have been in one long continuous birthday celebration since September 30 (my dad's birthday). After Cooper's birthday (and Clint's) we had David's mom, and my mom...and countless other relatives and friends. All we have left of the season is for me to hit the big 3-0 on the 24th and then we can start getting ready for the holidays! I just love fall! Birthdays, holidays, cool weather, and college football! I am getting off track! (Though I am enjoying the cool, crisp air as I type.)
In the last two weeks, we have been celebrating birthdays and we enjoyed a visit from Nonnie and Papa. David is hitting work hard as usual, fixing things in and around our house (as usual) and working on selling our jeep. He is enjoying his new (to us) Hummer H3 truck, and has even had a chance to hunt AND fish some this fall. (I know what you are thinking about the actually gets pretty good gas mileage!)
I am busy working part-time and loving getting to be with Cooper during a lot of my week. I am in training for the San Antonio half marathon, and am taking a cake decorating class.

(My cake, after one week of class)
Cooper gets to hang out with Grandma twice a week, go to Mother's Day Out once a week, and he and I are taking a music for toddler's class. We have a lot of fun dancing, singing, and playing instruments with the other moms and toddlers. Otherwise he is just one busy, happy, and spirited toddler!

Driving his friends around the house.

First attempt at mac and cheese...with a spoon!
I guess that sums us up pretty well...Happy Fall everyone!!

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