Sunday, October 4, 2009

Happy Birthday Cooper!

Exactly one year ago today, at 12:42 in the afternoon, Cooper hit the planet and forever changed our lives. Our little 7 lb, 6 oz baby has turned into a to toddler! Major accomplishments Cooper has achieved are his WALKING skills...he practically just runs now...and his desire to really vocalize and communicate. He is trying new words all the time and loves to point to what he wants. A few new words that have entered his vocabulary include "Ralph" (our dog), "more", and "done".
We celebrated Cooper turning one year old (and Mom and Dad surviving the first year) by having a birthday party yesterday afternoon. Cooper had a lot of fun playing with his friends and he received some great gifts. He received lots of toys, trucks, a radio flyer wagon, and a "cozy coupe" car! Cooper loves anything with wheels so his little tykes car was a huge hit. (Thank you Aunt Libby and Uncle Bill!!!) Thank you everyone that came to our party and for Cooper's new things!
A few party pics:
Cooper and friends playing.

Is all this for me?

Brandt and Cooper

Uncle Clint, Lori and Cooper
This is going to be fun to put together!
Group effort putting together the cozy coupe.

Finshed product: Sheer joy!

Eating a cupcake:

Cupcakes for Cooper!
Cooper's giant cupcake!

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