Sunday, January 4, 2009

Three Months Old!

Check out 3-week-old Coop versus 3-month-old Coop!  Sweet, eight pound baby versus big ol' 15 pound ball of love!
Cooper is three months old today! He must have known he was getting close to this milestone, because he decided to squeeze in a few firsts in the last few days. Apparently he takes after both his mom and dad...we both tend to procrastinate, but still get things done under the buzzer. Not that Cooper is on any kind of time frame...we are in NO hurry for him to grow up. He seems to be, however! On Thursday night, we were laughing how Cooper will probably sit up before he rolls over because when we laid him on his back or tummy he did just that...laid there. When we had him propped up or in our arms, he was constantly straining to sit up! He decided to show us by rolling over from his tummy to his back twice on Friday night. On Saturday morning, with the camcorder rolling, David asked Cooper to show us again his new trick. He lifted his head and....(drum roll please).....spit up everywhere. Oh well, hopefully we can record him the next time! This morning, on his 3 month birthday, Cooper gave us a present. He LAUGHED OUT LOUD! I have never heard a more delightful, infectious sound in my life. I made a face, and he laughed. Then I laughed at his laugh, and he laughed again. Then I laughed harder, and he laughed get the picture. We may not have caught either of these firsts on camera, but we did catch a few sweet moments of him the last few days.
Cooper trying to watch the Cotton Bowl. (No, we don't really let him watch TV...but he was in the room as we gleefully watched Texas Tech implode and he wanted to see why were so excited.)
Figuring out one of his Christmas presents.

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Paul, Marcia, and Hunter said...

It's already hard to remember them so small, isn't it! Looks like Cooper has out grown Hunter already. It is so exciting that he is rolling over and laughing! We hope to meet him soon!