Monday, January 26, 2009


Just a little note of concern! Last night I put Cooper in his Bumbo seat and started to snap on the play I was doing that, the tray unexpectedly snapped OFF the seat, flew up and hit my sweet boy in the face!!! We were completely horrified and traumatized, as Cooper screamed in pain! He is ok...a little cut to the bridge of his nose, but OH MY LORD! What if that thing had hit him lower in the nose or in the eye??? I had always thought that the way the tray connects to the seat and how it is in two pieces was a little awkward and weird, but it never occured to me that it could be dangerous! After Cooper's cut had been doctored and he was cooing and smiling again about 15 minutes later, we did a little research on the internet. Sure enough, all kinds of bad reviews and safety warnings in regards to the dangers of the bumbo were all over the internet. We have since thrown our tray away! If your baby likes his bumbo, just be aware that they can be dangerous!

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