Monday, October 31, 2016

Halloween 2016

Happy Halloween 2016!!  

The Scarecrow, Pinkalicious, and one uncooperative Peppa Pig.
Cooper and Penny are old pros at this Halloween thing by now!  They had a ton of fun visiting some friends, eating out, then hitting up a nearby neighborhood for some trick-or-treating!  
Peppa Pig needed some prompting to get into the spirit of Halloween.
A little candy was just the ticket!
Ellie really had fun for her third Halloween.  She insisted on carrying her own treat bag and walking the whole way while we trick-or-treated.  After every house she would exclaim, "I got one Mommy!" (Except at one house, where the candy bowl was left unattended on a porch.  We said several times to take just one.  Ellie came running back yelling, "I got TWO Mommy!"

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