Thursday, January 21, 2016

Winter Ranchin'...2016

Apparently we like to go the ranch in January.  Right before I posted this I realized this is the fifth year in a row I have posted about a ranch trip in January. We had a family tradition going on here and didn't even realize it! We just hadn't been to the ranch in awhile and just felt like going.  The little jeep was the name of the game this trip, as ALL THREE kiddos took turns driving.  This was big because Penny has never wanted to drive before, always preferring Coop to chauffeur her around.  However, once Ellie took an interest in driving, Penny was not to be out done!

Girls on the go.
Look who thinks she can drive!!
Love this face.  That is all.
This old pro is getting a bit big...
The other ranch tradition...playing in the dirt.

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