Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Canyon Lake Weekend

Over the past weekend we got to spend some time with friends at Canyon Lake.  After all the Memorial Day weekend rains the lake was really up and we wanted to take advantage.  We just don't seem to get to the lake house as often as we'd like anymore so it was a real treat to spend the weekend AND utilize the lake.  The kids (and adults) fell right into the rhythm of playing with their old friends and we all had a blast.  A few pictures:

The boys contemplate the lake...rather they tried to be patient for the adults to give the go-ahead.
Ellie!  Ready for  her first real lake experience. 
The kids LOVED the peddle boat Daddy insisted on bringing.  We were impressed on how well they managed it all by themselves.
What can I say, Cooper is a natural!
The big wow for us for the weekend was Penny!  She LOVED the lake swimming and kayaking!  We were thrilled at how much of a trooper she was.
Talk about troopers!  Such a little lake baby!

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