Sunday, May 3, 2015

Adventures in Chickening

Elsa (the rooster), Peck,  Zoe, and Cocoa.
The last week has unfolded a noteworthy chicken event around here.  About a week ago, Daddy went to put the chickens up for the evening and found our first two eggs!  Through the week we found three more eggs in the coop, though two were broken.  (Amateurs!)  On Friday, our friend's son found a cracked egg on the porch of the playhouse.  This led me to believe that their had to be more eggs!  As our girls are free range, we had to do a thorough yard search to see if we could find more eggs.   This morning...Eureka!  We found a clutch of ELEVEN eggs!  So exciting!  Though not exciting for the chickens...they will now spend the next week confined to their coop and run so that they learn to lay IN THE NESTING BOXES!
The hidden cache.
Our very first eggs.
Zoe and Cocoa take a dirt bath.
Peanut, Maia, and Cocoa look for the hole big enough to fit through the pool fence.  They like the spilled seed from our bird feeder in there.  Poor Peanut is too fat (or too dumb) to fit through and has to look on longingly while the other girls enjoy the spoils.
This guy, though very handsome, is noisy!  He loves to cock-a-doodle at random times of day.  He does seem to keep the flock in line and protect them so I guess we'll keep him for now.  

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