Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Ranchin'...Naiser Style!

After this past snowy Friday (Yes, snowy.  It snowed for nearly four hours in Boerne on Friday morning, very exciting even though nothing stuck), we enjoyed another break in the weather!  This past weekend was still chilly but had lots of sun!  We got to spend this glory at another ranch with our friends the Naisers.  The kids played so hard and only came inside when we made them.  They played so hard in fact, that Penny even took a nap at school when she went back (she never does that.)  The weekend was marked with lots of sunshine, wildlife, polaris rides, sitting by the fire, rock throwing, puddle-jumping, walking and running around.

The kids just couldn't get enough of the old truck in the yard.
Penny had a blast jumping in "muddy puddles."
"Dad!  Look what I found!"
This little one basically made the switch from crawling to walking over the weekend.
Geology nerd shot.
I always get a kick out of photographing these two.  It's easy to catch them looking like they are up to something.
Picnic time!
Thanks again Naisers!  We had a great time!

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