Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Family Reunion in Fredericksburg

The summer fun continued through the weekend as we traveled the whole 40 minutes to Fredericksburg for a family reunion.  Ma-Mas and Pa-Pa and Uncle Clint came too!  We all had fun staying in the old (looking) house for the weekend, strolling and shopping on Main Street, and visiting with lots of family at the reunion.  Dooley's, the Fredericksburg Brewery, and Lady Bird Johnson Park were a few of our stops.  This marked Ellie's first (of many) trips to Fredericksburg, and Cooper and Penny had lots of fun playing with cousins.
Playing under the pecan trees in the backyard.
Ellie played too!
Of course we brought trains and Super Mario cars with us.
Out on the town on Saturday morning.  
Saturday night super moon rising.
Keeping cool at the reunion by eating lots of ice.
All the Germans and the heat were a little much for this one. She won "Youngest Family Member" at the reunion, though only by 10 days!   
Ellie meets some cousins!  
Cooper and some cousins invented a game that involved dumping sand on each other...I couldn't be too bothered by it...I recall playing a similar game with some of my cousins.
Birds of a feather...

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