Monday, March 4, 2013

Weekend at the Ranch

Over the weekend we enjoyed some time with friends at the Ranch.  The adults relaxed and the kids did just the opposite.  For some reason, riding the jeep, feeding the fish, running around everywhere, flying kites and just plain being outside never seems to get old.  Thank you Angela, Mark, Brandt and Carson for sharing the weekend with us!  We had such a fun time!
Cooper and Penny kill some time while we wait for our friends to arrive.
Penny was happy that SHE got to feed the fish by herself.
Brewster's first Ranch trip!  This little dog was so good!
He didn't try to run off and we could tell he was having a blast.
The kids watch the fish feeding frenzy.
Penny forges her own path (as usual).
Another shot of all four kids together...very difficult in photo land!
Coop and Carson check out the little tank.
Let's go fly a kite!
"Chillaxing" by the fire.
More jeep riding.

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