Tuesday, December 4, 2012

November in an Instant

Throwing rocks in the lake, a great way to decompress.
I have to say I am glad November is over.  It was a whirlwind month packed with events.  Incidentally, I also discovered the seductiveness of my new iPhone   All the photos I've taken in the last month have been through Instagram, which is sort of an analogy for how we have felt the last month...Life has been just a series of Instagrams.

We attended my Cousin's Reunion at the Ranch and celebrated Thanksgiving at Ma-Mas and Pa-Pas house.  We "took the lake house back," as in, we kicked out the renters who destroyed the house and started working to clean and fix it up so that we can start using it again.  (This is no small task.) We visited the emergency room twice.  Yes, twice.  Once for me for a broken toe, and another time for Penny, who fell and cut her eyebrow.  Three stitches for a two-year-old.  Fun stuff.  In between all of these events, we did manage to get our house decorated for Christmas but after our doozy November we have decided we are keeping the holidays as simple as possible this year.  I hope to blog more this month and show how we have gotten into the holiday spirit.  Happy December!

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