Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Where We've Been

Have I ever discussed how much we dislike winter?  Well, we do.  We like to be outside and generally speaking, we don't like to wear shoes.  (Flip-flops are fine, of course.)  Ours would not be a.happy household if we lived somewhere colder.  We usually all go a little stir crazy through the winter because we just can't go outside as much.  The evenings seem long because it gets dark sooner and we spend it indoors.  The last few weeks, despite the season, have gone relatively fast.  Why?  Well, there are two reasons.  One, we were considering the idea of moving away from the coast and making plans and preparing to do so.  We are not, however, moving. (More on that later.)  Two, we have filled the void with several things.  Home improvement (as usual), two quick trips to the Ranch, Valentine's Day and David's birthday, and of course our regular routine.  I've tried to blog through the last month.  It just hasn't happened.  Either I wasn't feeling particularly inspired when I sat down to write, or I didn't have any good pictures to share.  (I like pictures in my posts!)  At any rate, we've been relatively quiet here in the blogosphere, but where we've been has given us a place to go.

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