Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day at the Ranch

For Mother's Day this year we went to the ranch for a family BBQ.  We got to visit with Great-Grandma and a lot of her family, Mom's cousins, Ma-Mas, Pa-Pa, and Uncle Clint.  Cooper had a blast playing with his second cousins Owen and Colsten.  While the weather was entirely too hot, we still all had a good time.  There was lots of food and people, and the little boys got to have an egg hunt.  Happy Mother's Day!

Cooper and Penny waiting for the cousins to arrive.
It was HOT!  Penny took a little snooze in the shade.
Owen and Cooper took turns "driving" the tractor.
I loved that Cooper got in the tractor and had fun!  He had previously been a little intimidated by it.
Egg hunt!  Cooper, Owen, and Colsten found lots of eggs!
What is in there??
Going through the loot after the hunt...inside!  All the kids had bright red cheeks from the heat!
At the top of the dirt pile.
I think I can run down this hill really fast!
Here I go...easy does it!
Such a long, fun day...without a nap!  THE END!

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