Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Nonnie Comes for a Visit!

Last week we had Nonnie Kirk here with us for a visit.  Cooper and Penny had such a good time playing with Nonnie and Momma and Daddy got lots of extra chores done with her here!  Nonnie brought with her several of her old ceramic Easter bunnies, which turned into a game of "one finger" for Cooper.  Cooper also enjoyed the nightly treat of Nonnie's M & M's.  While she was here too, Penny changed a lot!  She went from barely crawling to ZOOMING around the house and pulling up on furniture.  She is also now saying, "Ma-ma-ma-ma!"  Momma enjoyed Nonnie's company through the day and really made some headway on the task of painting the sun room.  I also enjoyed a solo trip to the grocery store...ahh the simple things in life!  One day we went to the mall where Cooper got to play in the children's area and ride the "train" with Nonnie.  Cooper and Penny both scored some new summer clothes as well.  We were so glad Nonnie was here, and can't wait for her next visit!

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