Thursday, July 8, 2010

Cooper: The Lost Files

Ok, so I love technology as much as the next person, but I don't LOVE technology like many of my counterparts seem to. Therefore, I am not the techno-savviest. I have had tons of pictures of Cooper on my phone for months but didn't know how to get them onto my computer so that I could post them. Luckily, Cooper has at least one techno-savvy parent who recently swooped in and saved the day. Dad downloaded (or uploaded?) all 118 pictures from my phone on to my computer so that I could finally share them! Thought I should, since very soon this blog won't just be about Cooper.
Here they are!
Being silly at the Becker Reunion (Grandma's side) back in September:

"Helping" Mom at the Office (not 100% sure when):

Early morning walk (hence the pjs) at the lake in November:

With Dad:

Playing at the fountain at Pico de Gallo's in San Antonio, after Mom's half marathon, in November:

Kirk men on the prowl, right after Christmas in Houston:

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