Monday, April 26, 2010

Day in the Sun

On Sunday we took a break from all the home renovation, house buying plans, packing, etc. to enjoy a day out. We attended the International Boat Show at the marina with our friends Bill and Libby.  The sun was strong but the humidity was low, making it for a gorgeous day!  We pushed Cooper around in the stroller as we looked at boats, motor homes and boat stuff.  I have always boycotted going to the boat show because I am not that interested in looking at things we can't buy, but we had a great time!  Dad demoed a kayak and I found a swinging chair that will be perfect for our new house.  Some friends picked us up in their boat while the Coast Guard bore down on us, making us move for the speed boat races.  We anchored on the other side of the breakwater on the jetty, giving us a good view of the races, and a place for Cooper to play.  Cooper did great on the boat!  He loved the races and the boat ride.  He didn't love wearing a life jacket, but that is just something he will have to get used to!  He even slept for an hour on the boat while the guys shopped the boat show a little more.  It was fun to be on the water for most of the day, and no one got sunburned!

A few pics:

Coop at the Boat Show:

Dad and Coop playing in the water, waiting for the speed boat races:

I've got yucky stuff on my hands!

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