Monday, December 7, 2009


This year we traveled to Houston to be with the Kirks for Thanksgiving. We had a very pleasant holiday, even if getting there wasn't so wonderful. While we were driving on the beltway in Houston, something (we think a golf or baseball) flew up and shattered Cooper's window! It scared us half to death! Cooper was completely fine. In fact, he didn't so much as even cry! (Mom did, however, when she realized how bad that could have been!) Even though we grumbled about having to deal with a smashed window over the holiday, we
were reminded that we have so much to be thankful for! Thanksgiving dinner was delicious, though Cooper slept through it. (Dinner just happened to be ready during his usual nap time.) When he woke up, Cooper happily ate turkey, bread, broccoli with cheese, and a bite of apple pie. When we weren't eating, Cooper had a blast playing with his cousins Brayden, Brianna, and Brycen. He thought he was a big kid! He loved sitting at the kids' table,( much that when we got home we ordered him one!) and playing at the playground across the street.
The kids' table:
Brianna, Brycen, Brayden, and Cooper
Cooper and Brianna: (I think she was his favorite.)

Brayden pushing Coop on the swing:

Dad and Cooper at the top of the slide...
I want to go down again!
Make it go!!

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