Friday, September 4, 2009

Eleven Months Old!

Cooper is eleven months old! On one hand I can't BELIEVE we will be celebrating the end of his first year in just a month. On the other hand, in a way it seems he has always been the way he is now. Cooper is a smiley, always-on-the-go little chap that delights us to our cores everyday! He has lots to do, and lots to say! While we can't really understand much of what he is saying, we know he is telling us something. All day long he strings different sounds, pitches, and tones together into what sounds like sentences, but we can't decipher it!! He has just recently started expressing "no" by pushing the food or object away with his hand and shaking his head emphatically. He loves to mimic us, especially when we clap, blow raspberries, make the indian sound (repeatedly hitting our hand over our mouth while saying ah) and dance! Intelligible words he can say include hi, bye, ma-ma, da-da, dog, and ba...which I think he uses for several things, like bottle, and just "look at that!"
We are having lots of fun watching his personality and preferences emerge! He is really starting to get good at trying new foods...I have to turn my head so he doesn't see me laugh when he spits something out he doesn't like! I'm just thrilled he eats well...I guess we can work on table manners later.
Cooper seems to want to do things HIS way! (I have no idea where he gets that from.) He is trying to give up one of his naps (NOOOOO!) and seems to be trying to wean himself off the bottle. He is less and less interested in the bottle and is taking less and less formula. I hope the doctor okays milk at his 12 month appointment because he doesn't want formula! He drinks well from a regular cup, but seems to think sippy cups are toys. I am ok with that...but his teacher at Mother's Day Out (which he started yesterday) might not think so!

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