Monday, April 27, 2009

Cooper's First Airplane Ride

This weekend Cooper and I took a trip to Dallas for some SHOPPING with Grandma and our friends. Cooper was a flying angel! He slept on the plane on the the way there and hardly even fussed the entire trip. Even though we were completely out of our normal routine and in a new place, he didn't seem to have any more trouble than usual sleeping or eating. I think each of the three nights he may have woken up once or twice, and only for a few minutes. That is a great night for Mr. I-don't-want-to-go-to-sleep-because-I-might-miss-something! Even riding around in the stroller for the better part of two days didn't seem to phase him...if anything, I think he enjoyed being wheeled around all day while he got to see new things! The plane trip home was somewhat uneventful...if you don't count Cooper "talking" and laughing with the people behind us and him banging on the window as events. We had so much fun...but I think we wore the poor little guy out because for our first night back home, he SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT!

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